Gianna Noelle Balasco


Santander + Fortune Magazine

When you think of commercial banking, you don’t think of Santander. So when given the opportunity to help Santander’s C-Suite Executives reach out to prospective clients, we wanted to open the door to more meaningful conversations — by hand-delivering those prospects eight issues to Fortune Magazine, featuring eight Santander’s C-Suite Executives and their banking insights, beforehand.  


From growing your business in foreign markets to strategies for working capital, each issue featured a different "topic of conversation," where we profiled a member of Santander's executive team — to prove the level of expertise and business acumen you'd receive when you chose Santander as your commercial banking partner. 

ECD: Dylan Bernd  |  Illustrator: Paul Ryding  |  CW: Collin Smith  |  Art Director: Gianna Balasco